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iTrain is available in an edition without trains called iCar and in two editions with trains. You can easily upgrade later by purchasing a new license and entering it. There is no need to do a reinstall or to make changes to your definitions.

Feature iCar iTrain plus Cars iTrain Ultimate
Flexible switchboard
Fully automatic driving
Decoder programming -
Multiple digital systems / interfaces at the same time -
Use of multiple computers in a network - -
Extra switchboards & overviews - -
Number of locomotives - 128 Unlimited
Number of cars 128 128 Unlimited
Number of accessories 128 256 Unlimited
Number of feedbacks 128 256 Unlimited
Number of blocks - 128 Unlimited
Number of lanes 64 128 Unlimited
Number of boosters 1 4 Unlimited
Price € 149 € 299 € 399

N.B. PayPal not only allows you to pay via a PayPal account, but also to pay directly with your credit card without a PayPal account.

In general buying iCar or iTrain gives you the right to upgrade to all upcoming 4.x versions without any costs. For future 5.x and later versions reasonable upgrade prices will be available. Support is available via our support forum. After payment you will receive your license key within a few days. In the summer holiday this may take some extra time.


If you already have version 4, but you want to extend the features you can change to another edition:

Extend from iTrain plus Cars iTrain Ultimate
iTrain Standard
iTrain Plus
iTrain Pro -


If you are still using version 3, you can upgrade to version 4 and optionally change to another edition at the same time:

Upgrade from iCar 4 iTrain 4 plus Cars iTrain 4 Ultimate
iCar 3
iTrain 3 Standard -
iTrain 3 Pro -
iTrain 3 Ultimate -

Please first evaluate the product before buying it. You should register and you will get a license that is only time limited for a period of 2 months.