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iTrain 5 comes in four editions: Lite, Standard, Plus and Professional. They differ in the supported features and you can easily upgrade later by purchasing a new license. There is no need to do a reinstall or to make changes to your definitions.

In general the Lite edition is for users who only want to drive manually with their locomotive and to use the switchboard to easily set turnouts and signal.

The Standard edition adds fully automatic driving with or without routes and an additional interface.

The Plus edition adds decoder programming, extra train grid and train overview for a second monitor and up to four interfaces.

The Professional edition contains everything including networking (use of multiple computers/phones/tablets at the same time with optionally different operating systems), use extra monitors with two extra switchboards and no restrictions on the number of objects.

Feature Lite Standard Plus Professional
Manual control
Flexible switchboard
Track routes (memory)
Block control
Fully automatic driving -
Decoder programming - -
Extra train overview for second monitor - -
Use of multiple computers / tablets / phones in a network - - -
Number of locomotives 256 256 256 Unlimited
Number of accessories 256 256 256 Unlimited
Number of feedbacks 256 256 256 Unlimited
Number of blocks 128 128 128 Unlimited
Number of actions 128 128 128 Unlimited
Number of boosters 4 4 4 Unlimited
Number of interfaces 1 2 4 Unlimited
Number of switchboards visible at the same time 1 1 1 3
Price € 119 € 209 € 269 € 349

Please first try the product before buying it. This is possible by requesting a trail license. You will get a temporary license with full functionality that is valid for a period of 2 months. Use this period to try the product and to see how the support via our forum works. Buying a license for us means you have really tried iTrain and you are satisfied with the product and the support. If you need more time to decide then ask for extension of the trial license.

If after trying you decide to buy, it is recommended to transfer the money manually via IBAN (=International Bank Account Number). The order will be checked manually and you will receive the license normally within one or two days. In the summer holiday this may take some extra time.

It is possible to pay via PayPal if you are not from within the European Union, but take extra care to verify that you are making the correct order (in case of doubt wait until you are getting an e-mail with the confirmation). The associated costs will not be reimbursed in the event of a cancellation or wrong order.

In general buying a license for version 5 now gives you the right to upgrade to all upcoming 5.x versions without any costs. For future 6.x and later versions reasonable upgrade prices will be available. Support is available via our support forum. You will receive the link per e-mail.

An iTrain license is personal and may only be used for private use and is not transferable. Conditions for commercial use or use within a club must first be discussed with us.


If you already have version 5, but you want to extend the features you can change to another edition:

Extend from Standard Plus Pro
Standard -
Plus - -


If you have a license for version 4, you can upgrade to version 5 and optionally change to another edition at the same time. If you also have a license for cars, you must order via the iCar page.

Upgrade from Lite 5 Standard 5 Plus 5 Pro 5
Lite 4
Standard 4 -
Plus 4 - -
Professional 4 - - -

If you are still using version 3 or older and you want to upgrade to version 5, then please send us an e-mail so we can make an offer. Please specify which edition you would like to use. This upgrade offer is only valid until the end of 2024.