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This product is a commercial product so you need a license key to get all the functionality. Without a license key you get the Lite edition without LocoNet® and it is limited to 3 locomotives, 32 accessories and 32 feedbacks. A small demo layout that works within this limits is in the package.

Before buying the product you can try the software without these restrictions for a limited period (2 months) by registering yourself. After registration you will get a trial license key and a link to the iTrain forum for support with questions and problems. For the forum a separate registration is necessary with a self chosen username and password.

To get a trial license you have to completely fill in the following form and press the Register button. Customers who have bought iTrain already don't need to register again as their details are already known. Never send your license back to us, but copy the code into iTrain.

This information makes it possible for us to see how much interest there is and to get feedback from the users.